Conference Overview

Background, principles and values, and objectives

Background, principles and values

The regional programme “Partnerships for Prevention of Violence Against Women and Girls in Southern Africa” (PfP) is hosting a regional conference on December 4 and 5, 2019 in Johannesburg, South Africa. SADC, MRC, DFID and the Ford Foundation, amongst others, are collaborating in this effort.

The ambitious task of preventing VAWG can only be undertaken by intensifying the cooperation amongst development partners, government institutions and implementing organizations, such as non-governmental organizations and foundations that have decades of valuable experience and expertise to contribute. The Regional Conference on Prevention of Violence against Women and Girls in Southern Africa represents the commitment of the organizers to build and enlarge the networks of relevant stakeholders in the sector, as well as to promote policy dialogue formats.

This event will offer a unique space, bringing together development partners, government officials and Parliamentarians, UN agencies, civil society organizations, global researchers, media and private sector representatives, as well as traditional and religious leaders from the Southern African region to exchange experiences and explore ways to implement effective and promising practices to address violence against women and girls.

Our aim is to shape prevention interventions based on existing evidence through joint action and to strengthen partnerships.


Firstly, the conference will provide a platform to share and discuss new evidence on the prevention of violence and explore how best to translate research findings into policy and practice.

The event aims to inform evidence-based legislation, policy and programming in the field of violence prevention in Southern Africa through sharing new evidence and learning on what works to prevent violence. The conference will also provide the opportunity to identify the gaps in data that need to be addressed for improved violence prevention policies and interventions.

Furthermore, the organizers plan to stimulate regional exchange (peer learning) and replication and scaling-up of demonstrated successful interventions.

In addition, this event will contribute to the building of partnerships and synergies for action across different sectors and disciplines.


Conference Overview
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